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Carolina Connection is a student-produced radio news program that airs Saturday mornings on WCHL 97.9 in Chapel Hill. I joined Carolina Connection in the fall of 2014 as a reporter and have since worked on the show as an anchor and producer.


For the 2015 Hearst Radio Competition, I finished in the top 15. However, I am more proud to be known as "Ace Reporter" and "Most Valuable Player" by my peers. 


You can listen to some of my work below or on my SoundCloud






Playing the piano, getting through a virtual maze, and racing on the computer. These activities may be challenging, but imagine playing without sight. It seems impossible.

But Computer Science students at UNC created assistive games so blind students can play. Maze Day 2016 welcomed students from all over North Carolina to participate in its twelfth year.

With the holiday season approaching, shoppers will be scouting out the latest gadgets to buy for friends and family or for themselves.


While many people own a phone and a laptop, some UNC students pride themselves on owning a lot more.

A phone for ever finger: Students embrace tech gadgets -
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Giant Cypress trees over two thousand years old. Fish that swim back and forth between fresh and saltwater. Eagles flying in the distance. The Cape Fear River has it all. And someone has to watch over it.


We found out who watches over the river and spent the afternoon riding around with him.

Man devoted to protecting Cape Fear -
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Students and other activists interrupted yesterday’s UNC Board of Governors meeting to protest the hiring of Margaret Spellings as the new UNC System President.


December's protest was the latest of several on campus this semester, amid simmering racial tension between students and administrators.

But the university’s history shows that that tension is not new.

Student protests echo Civil Rights -
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Several faculty and staff members within the African American Studies department were implicated in the Wainstein report.


Now some students worry their degrees in the reformed African, African American and Diaspora Studies will be tainted by the AFAM department’s place at the heart of the academic scandal.

AAAD Students react to Wainstein Report -
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