Lollipop Pumpkin Holder

Martha Stewart Inspired 

Just how many licks does it take to get to the center of a pumpkin?? 

Well, you'll have to recreate this to find out! 

This lollipop pumpkin holder was designed for my church's fall festival. 

It can also be used if you want to be festive for Halloween, but won’t be home for your trick or treaters!

Total cost » $20


  • Medium size “craftable” pumpkin from Target » $8

  • Bag of 250 lollipops from Target » $9

  • (I already had the tools to puncture the pumpkin and a measuring tape)

  • pencil

Total time » 2 hours


  • I started by taking the measuring tape and spacing each hole about half an inch from one another. I used a pencil to mark each hole.

  • After making the initial column pattern, I used the measuring tape to space the rows about an inch and a  half away from one another.

  • I wanted to see what two columns of lollipops looked like, so I used my plier tool (I have one for jewelry making) to puncture the holes into the pumpkin. 

  • Be careful about how far down you make the holes! You don't want your lollipops to get smushed. 

  • I didn’t worry too much about exact spacing, since it’s really hard to do on a round object.

  • I initially started out by making a color pattern, but I soon ran out of brown lollipops!

  • Sometimes the lollipops didn’t go through as easily as I would have liked, but I used some elbow grease to get them to stay in place :). 

  • Overall, I ended up using approximately 248 lollipops (some of the lollipop sticks bent as I tried to push them into the pumpkin, and I ended up not using them).

**Quick tip: You can try using bigger lollipops to speed up the process!

**Target also sales orange pumpkins, I couldn't find one at my local store, so I went with white!