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Get to know me:

I first created this website to share my many experiences as a student. As a graduate from the (then named) School of Media and Journalism at UNC-Chapel Hill, I've learned to push preconceived notions aside and to always seek the truth. Although my work as a journalist has taken different forms in the past year, I continue to advocate for minorities in and outside of the newsroom. 

I believe in diversity. As a member of the National Association of Black Journalists, I believe diversifying media outlets is important. After spending four months studying at the City University of London, I also believe diversity is more than skin-deep. I believe perspectives are important and each of us brings something new to the world. 

I believe in outreach. The importance of serving the community was instilled in me at a young age. One of my passions is working with children in the education setting. I've volunteered in elementary and middle schools as well as in high school programs. I know the work of a teacher is extremely hard, and I believe in supporting them and supporting students. 

I believe in advocating for the underdog. I've learned people want to be heard. They want to feel that their voices matter. As a communication practitioner, whether taking the form of a journalist or a public relations specialist, telling stories is my way of advocating for the communities I serve.

Finally, I believe we all have our own gifts to offer the world. If I'm in your newsroom, I will be your biggest cheerleader. I will help my coworkers in any way possible. I do not see my peers as a threat, but as a motivator to keep giving my best to the world. I am here for the good of the group and not invested in my own self-interest. 

My portfolio is both professional and personal. As I learn more, I hope this collection shows my growth as well. 

I can't wait to take you on this ride with me. 




Elise Alexandria McGlothian

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Virginia Beach, Virginia

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